The first bottle of wine produced in South Africa was in 1659 by Jan van Riebeeck. It wasn't until the early 1990s the world noticed the quality of the South African Wines which lead to the modernization of technologies of viticultural and wine making. Today, total wine production is estimated at 10.8 million hectolitres a year in South Africa. We export from Cape Town.

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ONI IMPORT EXPORT (pty) ltd are distributors of wines. The oldest wine growing region in South Africa is Constantia and oldest wine estate is Groot Constantia. The second oldest wine growing region is Stellenbosch, that produces around 14% of the country annual wine production.

Paarl was for most of the 20th century considered the heart of the South African Wine distribution industry. It was the home of KWV wine distribution. The transfer of power from KWV to private businesses further shifted the focus away from Paarl until recent years where Franschhoek Valley and Wellington, distributors of wines, have revitalized interest in the area.

ONI IMPORT EXPORT, distributors of wines, are perfectly situated to hand pick the finest wines South Africa has to offer and export out of Cape Town, South Africa. Wine distribution out of the South African region is extremely popular with many distributors of wines. Wine is often enjoyed with a class A steak or a tender piece of fish. We source the finest.


Wine distribution occurs in boxed form due to logistical reasons. Once opened, any wine, either bottle or bag in box – boxed wine, oxidizes and so deterioration may begin, lasting depending of the composition of the wine. Boxed wine is also better value for money with a classic 5 litre boxed wine being equal to more than five bottles. There are also BIB of 3 litre and tetra packs of 1 litre.

For peace of mind and great contribution to the environment, boxed wine is easier on the environment. Boxed wine has a lot going for them. ONI is wine distributor of its own brand and many others.


Always serve our customers to the best of our abilities.
Find and deliver the best product required at the best price for African imports exports.


Increase efficiency of our services. Establish, develop and maintain relations at a high level with customers and suppliers. Invest on research, looking for new quality brands / products.

Did you know?

South Africa ranks seventh among the biggest wine-producing countries in the world with Italy topping the list

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Frozen Meat

Frozen meat

Beef, poultry
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Fish and Sea food

Tilapia, shrimps, crab, calamari, cuttlefish, hake, tuna, mackerel

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

South African exports include fruit & vegetables


Assorted juices

Export the healthiest assortment of juices



Usabco – Addis ( exclusive agent / seller to Angola )



All types / assorted brands



All types / assorted brands



Wine Distributors, All types / assorted brands



Milk, yoghurt, butter and cheeses

"Working with ONI as a well-organised, knowledgeable team allows us to focus on delivering our best Liner Agency service while removing the uncertainty of the many intricacies that Shippers face in International Trade. We see ONI as a strategic partner in boosting overall Trade and growth in Africa."

- Charné Playton

"Usabco has been dealing with Oni for over 15 years and in that time have found them to be a trustworthy and dynamic company to work with. We would highly recommend their services to any prospective client."

- Joel Wallace

"We have been ONI IMPORT EXPORT South Africa clients for about 8 years. At the time we were searching for a reliable and efficient supplier of South African products able to fulfill our requests according to our scale and dimension. We found what we were looking for in ONI IMPORT EXPORT, providing customer support well above average, adapting to our requirements and helping us grow. Requests are handled promptly and efficiently in a trustworthy manner. ONI IMPORT EXPORT is currently one of our preferred suppliers not only for products of South African origin, but also the rest of the world."

- Augusto Sousa